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Cornstarch clay hearts pin

Cornstarch clay hearts pin

In yesterday’s post we shared our Valentine’s Day cornstarch clay decorations, but we also did something else with those. You may have noticed in one of the pics Nico was cutting a smaller heart in the middle of a big one? Those were clearly too small to hang but I didn’t want [...]

Valentine’s Day cornstarch decorations (with glitter)

Valentine's Day cornstarch decorations

(Jan. 4 & Jan. 10, 2014) After Christmas was done we decided to keep one of the small trees out and decorate it according to the different holidays or seasons going on. Our first holiday after Christmas is Valentine’s Day! Our first craft for our tree had to be what I saw on [...]

Santa paint brush ornaments

santa paint brush ornament wR

(Nov. 3 to Nov. 16, 2013) Saw something similar online a while back, just a pic nothing else, I liked the idea but wanted to change several things and this is what we ended up with

First we painted the handle red for Santa’s hat, then the metal part and [...]

Upcycled glitter star tree topper (3 easy steps)

Upcycled glitter star tree topper w1

(Nov 5, 2013)  Nico was making a tree downstairs at my mother’s and he wanted to put the star on top, but the only one she had was very blah, so she sent him up to glitterize it! It took literally 5 minutes to do.

We painted mod podge (you could [...]

Christmas lacing card ornaments

Christmas lacing card ornament

(Nov. 17, 2013) Last year we made awesome cinnamon ornaments for our country style Christmas tree, they still smell and look awesome this year but I wanted Nico to make something new this year. Our friend at 3 Dinosaurs had provided us with our lacing card tree top last year, [...]

Easy to make Santa letter (on the computer)

santa letter 2013 1

(Nov 28, 2013) Nico typed his own Santa letter today! I asked and he wanted to write it in French. All he wanted to write was “Dear Santa, I moved to Calgary, Joyeux Happy Noël”, so I helped with ideas of what to write since it was his first time. We first typed [...]

DIY Elf on the Shelf Bed

DIY Elf on the Shelf Bed

(November 22, 2013) I like the Elf on the Shelf idea, if you don’t make it too creepy, which we don’t. Nico normally looks for the elf when he gets up and is happy to find him, but this year we are having the elf give him fun things to do (like materials [...]

Paper roll bats

Paper roll bats

After our Paper roll mummies and Paper roll cats, it’s now time for our last Halloween family – our Paper roll bats! They are closely related to our cats, since you need almost the exact same things to make them, which makes them so easy!

Again I flattened [...]

Paper roll cats

Paper roll cats

Our paper roll mummies managed to get us into the Halloween spirit and sparked some more ideas! After the wrapping of the mummies I wanted to satisfy Nico’s love for painting and thought of black cats as something else Halloween related. So we pulled out some more toilet paper rolls (of [...]

Paper roll mummies

Paper roll mummies

As most of you have noticed, we haven’t posted many crafts in the last nine to ten months, because Nico was pretty much against it, since it was “too much work” and “too long” according to him. So we have been mostly cooking, hence the influx of recipes. But for Halloween, I wanted [...]

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