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Baked play dough heart pins, magnets & hair clip


Nico wanted to play with his Kool-Aid play dough,  he picked the left over pinkish glittery one. Valentines Day was approaching, so I thought I would give him a heart shape cookie cutter.

He went to town making hearts! I couldn’t roll the dough quickly enough, lol. I started putting them on [...]

Cards of many hearts (Valentines Day snail mail swap)


A blogging mom (Dinosaurs and Octopuses) decided to organize a good old fashioned Valentines Day snail mail swap between other willing blogging moms. Kids make the Valentines cards and we mail them out between us (them), has to be handmade, after all we are all crafty and that’s what we [...]

Valentine Ideas Collaborative Project

Today we are proud to bring you a great project of 53 amazing kids’ blogs – the Valentine Ideas blog hop! Make sure to check out what these creative minds have come up with!


Mama Pea Pod, Let Kids Create – My Creative Family – Hands on: [...]

Valentine’s day heart flower

Valentine's Day heart flower

When the local dollar store (one of the there in town) had stocked up on their Valentine’s Day decorations, we decided to go on a romp and stock up ourselves with a lot of heart-related craft supplies, foam, glitter, big, medium, small, red, pink, white, moulds, stickers and pretty much what seemed like [...]

Suncatcher rainbow hearts


This early afternoon Nico was getting restless, it had been raining (more like pouring) all morning, so I figured ok quick craft, suncatchers! So I got the coffee filters and the Rainbow Art Kit again and I got deserted! When getting the stuff upstairs in the “craft room”, he saw the bin [...]

Quick & easy Valentines Day card and envelope


We did this for one of our “Operation Intentional Kindness Challenge – Week 2 mission“. My neighbour has really rough Mondays every week, it’s the job and not the person in this case, lol.  So we waited for Monday to do this. One of our missions was “Write a real letter or card [...]

Valentine’s Day glitter globe

Valentine's Day glitter globe

So I’ve seen those paper plate snowman snow globes everywhere online over the holidays. I knew I wanted to make one with Nico as he loves shaking the regular ones (it looks like glitter to him, lol). Time went on and we were so busy making all our tree ornaments that time [...]

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