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Christmas Critter Caroling 2016

Photo for Christmas caroling

(Dec. 20,  2016) At least once during the holiday season we have the pleasure of attending one of Nico’s Christmas traditions that he came up with. For a few years he has been Christmas caroling with his plush toys in the living room He’s not a fan of original lyrics/song [...]

My memory book of the year (free printable)

My Memory book of the Year

For the last year we have been part of a kindergarten homeschool group that would meet for outings, experiments, crafts and more and for the year-end picnic I had the idea to make a memory book for the children to fill out and have a, well, memory to look back on. Now [...]

Learning I have Parkinson’s…

Learning I have photo june 30 2012

Today my mom blogger friend Ann from Doodles and Jots and I are writing about our experiences with Parkinson’s Disease for Parkinson’s Disease Awareness Month (April). Read Ann’s story here.

(WARNING: this is a very personal post!)

Hi there! How have you been? Answer me in the comments, [...]

Helping hands close to home – More than food

helping hands close to home w1

(Delivered Dec 4, 2014) As mentioned in our first “Helping Hands” post a few months ago, when we delivered school supplies to the Calgary Interfaith Food Bank, we have had to use their services a few times, when we went through a rough patch and decided to give back when [...]

Thanking Public Servants 2013

Thanking Public Servants - Firefighters w

Disclaimer: In case you are wondering, why you read about something from last Christmas in late August – we had the post all ready and then…forgot…to publish it… And we thought it would be a shame to leave it buried (if we back-dated it), right?

Some of you [...]

Helping Hands: School supplies

Helping Hands: School supplies

(Delivered Aug, 14, 2014) We’ve used the Calgary Interfaith Food Bank before due to several months of unemployment, EI not coming in on time etc, and we wanted to give back whenever we could, but not by donating food, since they already get that from some major grocery stores (and that is [...]

Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother's Day


App/printables for learning with dinosaurs

Learning with dinosaurs

We are excited to be part of a 5-day series titled “Play, Craft and Learn with Dinosaurs”, kicked into motion by the fabulous Craftulate blog

As a parent you always are trying to find new and efficient ways to teach your children, especially when they enter a “learn-resistant” phase. [...]

Show me your neighbourhood around the world – Airdrie, Alberta, Canada

The Piri-Piri Lexicon is the host of a great Multicultural Kids Blogs project called “Show me your neighbourhood around the world” and for a second time we at Glittering Muffins are excited to be a part of it. Different blogs are showcasing the city they live in and typically local things, simple things [...]

Pancake day 2014 – donut pancakes

Pancake Day 2014 - donut pancake

One of the “holidays” Nico loves is Pancake Day! Nico asked when pancake day was early in February, he was pretty disappointed when I told him this year it was March 4th only, it was way too many days away! So I knew that after doing this the 2 previous with simple [...]

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