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Happy Valentine’s Day 2014

Happy Valentine's Day 2014

Wishing you all a Happy Valentine’s Day! You can find out more about those yummy cookies here


Joyeux Happy Noël!

Merry Happy Christmas 2013

From our family to yours: Joyeux Happy Noël! (has Nico originally put it)


Christmas in Québec

Christmas in Quebec

We are excited to be part of a great new blog hop named “Christmas in Different Lands”, hosted by Multicultural Kid Blogs

Quebec is the oldest province of Canada and one with many traditions, a lot of them different from the rest of Canada as well.

Christmas in Germany

Christmas in Germany

We are excited to be part of a great new blog hop named “Christmas in Different Lands”, hosted by Multicultural Kid Blogs

Christmas in Germany is very different from what we are used to in North America. Most of the traditions are way more steeped in, well, tradition [...]

24+2 Christmas & Winter Books (An Advent Calendar)

24 Christmas and winter books

(Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links.)

Advent calendars are fun and if you can avoid the typical chocolates, all the better, right? We came up with the idea of creating an advent calendar full of Christmas books of different kinds and what is even better – we are [...]

Show me your neighbourhood around the world – Calgary, Alberta, Canada


The Piri-Piri Lexicon is the host of a great Multicultural Kids Blogs project called “Show me your neighbourhood around the world” and we at Glittering Muffins are excited to be a part of it. Different blogs are showcasing the city they live in and typically local things, simple things such as houses, a [...]

Multilingual Carnival: Raising a trilingual child!


We are so happy to participate in this month’s Multilingual Carnival, hosted by Discovering The World Through My Son’s Eyes!

Raising a bilingual/trilingual child can be a challenge, since he/she has to compute twice as many words, which is a lot, since they are just learning the world. But instead of [...]

Apple picking, in Alberta?

Apple picking in Alberta - 2013

Apple picking, in Alberta? Yes, it’s possible! Back track 30 some odd years in Quebec, when I first apple picked. Back then things were different, if you knew someone with an apple tree you could pick them whenever they were in season. If you didn’t know anyone, often you could stop on the [...]

Simple & easy firefighter birthday party

Firemen in training, Nico

So for Nico’s fourth birthday we decided to go with a fireman theme, as he is very much into anything emergency services, but mostly firefighters. So the first step was to arrange a visit to the fire station, which we did just by calling the city and setting one up (might be different [...]

Bilingual playroom labels

playroom labels collage

Since we moved, Nico seems lost when I ask him to put toys away. Before he knew what went where but here he just flat out refuses to pick up, but he will if  we help and tell him where it goes, so I figured lets make him labels! He can’t read yet [...]

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