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Christmas Critter Caroling 2016

Photo for Christmas caroling

(Dec. 20,  2016) At least once during the holiday season we have the pleasure of attending one of Nico’s Christmas traditions that he came up with. For a few years he has been Christmas caroling with his plush toys in the living room He’s not a fan of original lyrics/song [...]

Pancake day 2014 – donut pancakes

Pancake Day 2014 - donut pancake

One of the “holidays” Nico loves is Pancake Day! Nico asked when pancake day was early in February, he was pretty disappointed when I told him this year it was March 4th only, it was way too many days away! So I knew that after doing this the 2 previous with simple [...]

Apple picking, in Alberta?

Apple picking in Alberta - 2013

Apple picking, in Alberta? Yes, it’s possible! Back track 30 some odd years in Quebec, when I first apple picked. Back then things were different, if you knew someone with an apple tree you could pick them whenever they were in season. If you didn’t know anyone, often you could stop on the [...]

Date night 2 in 1 (no babysitter needed)

Date night 2 in 1 - Family part

I was challenged by Mari at Inspired by Family Magazine to come up with a date night post for readers that are busy but still want time with the hubby and with Valentines Day coming and everyone needing more ideas (I’ll be reading the other blogs to get more ideas for the future [...]

Car wash fun!

Let's start over here...

On March 18, 2012, we had one of our first really nice days, so after nap time we decided to get our dirty van all cleaned up! Nico had never seen us wash the car, so far we were pretty lucky with rain, lol. So I explained to him what we were doing [...]

Inexpensive balance beam

Inexpensive balance beam on w

(Mar. 31, 2012) After seeing a 4 yo not being able to walk on a wide cement parking divider and falling repeatedly, I wondered about Nico’s balance skills. He did the same without falling, so I was relieved. I still wanted to give him something to practice on at home. We had [...]

Quick indoor picnic

Quick indoor picnic - Set-up

Early February Nico was bugging about going to the park for a picnic. Now I’m up for adventure, but not at -25C (-13F).

So I just threw a little comforter on the living room floor made some croissant sandwiches for Alex & I and heated up some rigatoni and little meatballs [...]

Time with Papa – assembling of storage

Bringing the tubes

If you have a child, almost regardless of age, then will know that storage is key and that you can never have enough storage either. With Nico things became a little overwhelming with stuff being all over the place, so when we looked through the weekly flyers, we found a stand with different [...]

Time with papa – Swinging in snow

Swinging in snow - outside

So it is winter – what does that mean? Shorts, sun and less sweating than in summer? OK, then you might be in Texas, Florida or California, here in Quebec it stands for snow, cold, wind, snow, short days and have I mentioned snow? I have to admit that I wanted to return [...]

Valentines Day 2012


After having our Valentines Day dinner the night before at Wendy’s with our 2 can dine for 8.99 coupon with Nico and his little burber (burger)  meal, we were happy. We saved money, no big waiting time and no dinner tantrum, YAY!

So the next day it’s back to business, [...]

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