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Thanking Public Servants 2013

Thanking Public Servants - Firefighters w

Disclaimer: In case you are wondering, why you read about something from last Christmas in late August – we had the post all ready and then…forgot…to publish it… And we thought it would be a shame to leave it buried (if we back-dated it), right?

Some of you [...]

Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother's Day


Joyeux Happy Noël!

Merry Happy Christmas 2013

From our family to yours: Joyeux Happy Noël! (has Nico originally put it)


Christmas in Québec

Christmas in Quebec

We are excited to be part of a great new blog hop named “Christmas in Different Lands”, hosted by Multicultural Kid Blogs

Quebec is the oldest province of Canada and one with many traditions, a lot of them different from the rest of Canada as well.

Christmas in Germany

Christmas in Germany

We are excited to be part of a great new blog hop named “Christmas in Different Lands”, hosted by Multicultural Kid Blogs

Christmas in Germany is very different from what we are used to in North America. Most of the traditions are way more steeped in, well, tradition [...]

Our move (almost) across a bilingual country

Our move - making a friend

As many of you know, when we started the blog we lived near Montreal, Quebec, Canada. A little while ago we announced a semi-summer break for our move this summer. So here is the gist of why it happened and how it went…

Nico was born in Calgary, Alberta, but after [...]

18 ways to help your toddler’s fine motor skills


Motor skills are something incredibly important for any toddler to learn and train and the possibilities virtually are endless. There are your usual textbooks as to what can be done, there are games that foster these skills, but you can help them with almost anything in the household in various ways, both in [...]

Boys vs. Girls Blog Carnival


This post was written as a contribution to the Boys vs. Girls Blog Carnival.  The participating bloggers are sharing their experiences, ideas, and opinions on why gender roles should be avoided in parenting and teaching practices.

Gender Stereotypes in Society

Gender stereotypes are everywhere, among friends, colleagues, [...]

Gender stereotypes

Today (May 15, 2012)

While it is often stressed that one should raise children open-minded and tolerant, reality unfortunately is that it is made harder than you would think and not necessarily for the obvious reasons. Many things in our society are based on and/or promote gender stereotypes, some consciously, some subconsciously, but all too often parents [...]

Wife and husband blogging

Husband and wife blogging

Disclaimer: This post  is “aimed” at the unsupportive and in some cases intolerant husbands of the world, NOT at the ones that are busy behind the scenes or are being “locked out” by their blogging wives When Valerie started “Glittering Muffins”, I also wanted to help her, with the setup and then also [...]

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