priligy and prozac interactions

ASCI-Nico creates a new job

Helping Animal Everywhere!

(Nov. 21, 2016) This morning, after hearing that the garbage bag left outside by papa last night got torn open, he right away tried to figure out which animal did it.

I suggested it might be a raccoon but he guessed either a fox or a mouse (not sure why [...]

My memory book of the year (free printable)

My Memory book of the Year

For the last year we have been part of a kindergarten homeschool group that would meet for outings, experiments, crafts and more and for the year-end picnic I had the idea to make a memory book for the children to fill out and have a, well, memory to look back on. Now [...]

Bilingual playroom labels

playroom labels collage

Since we moved, Nico seems lost when I ask him to put toys away. Before he knew what went where but here he just flat out refuses to pick up, but he will if  we help and tell him where it goes, so I figured lets make him labels! He can’t read yet [...]

Tot and Pre-school packs in French

Here are some packs I translated into French with the permission of the author, 3 Dinosaurs. Some games included I had never seen, so if you do not understand how to use them, let me know and I will help you. When you know, these games are easy and well done

Felt food – the patterns

This will be the expanding list of patterns for the felt foods we’ve been making for Nico (they are all linked in the respective posts for the food, too)

Bacon cheeseburger Lettuce leaf All-dressed pizza – Pepperoni & mushrooms – Crust Popcorn French fries Ham sandwich



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