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12 Months of Sensory Dough – Oobleck

Two-Daloo Galaxy Oobleck

This month’s dough for Lemon Lime Adventures’ “12 Months of Sensory Dough” is oobleck. For the uninitiated, some call it oobleck, some call it goop, some a beautiful sensory activity, but call it what you want, it is one of the simplest “doughs” you will be able to find, but it is the [...]

Fizzy dough color mixing & printing

fizzy dough bubbles2ws

I saw a corn starch dough on Paging Fun Mums and somehow it sparked the idea to replace the corn starch with baking soda. In June it was fizzy dough for Lemon Lime Adventures‘ “12 Months of Sensory Dough” series, but I was nowhere near having the time nor inspired. Now I [...]

Cinnamon glitter salt dough fossils (puzzle and mobile)

Cinnamon glitter salt dough fossils (puzzle & mobile)

Salt dough as this month’s entry into Lemon Lime Adventures‘ “12 Months of Sensory Dough” series, has been one of the staple doughs out there for years. Now since we have a resident dinosaur fan and the finished salt dough can look like stone, we came up with the idea of making [...]

Clean mud, clean paper?


(April 17, 2015) A new month and a new sensory dough in Lemon Lime Adventures‘ “12 Months of Sensory Dough” series and the fourth installment calls for “clean mud”. First thought – nothing. How can mud be clean? Isn’t that going against all laws of mudology? In the end we [...]

1 minute sensory sparkle dough


Take three of “12 Months of Sensory Doughs”, the creative series of Lemon Lime Adventures and the objective was a sparkly dough, so perfect for us and our glitter lover, lol. As many of you know from following us on Facebook, we just finished moving. We still had to do the dough [...]

Arctic play snow dough & fizzy science

Snow dough pinnable w

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Remember the 12 months of sensory dough we did last year started by Lemon Lime Adventures? Well she’s doing it again and so are we! The first one is snow dough this year. I heard of it before [...]

Glittery salt dough

After last month’s dough never managed to materialise, we are back for November’s entry into Lemon Lime Adventures‘ “12 Months of Sensory Dough”: Salt dough. The dough itself is probably one of the easiest you will find, with just salt, flour and water, hop over to The Imagination Tree for the recipe, [...]

Super soft 2 ingredient play dough

Super soft 2 ingredient play dough

For our September challenge in Lemon Lime Adventures’ “12 Months of Sensory Dough” the directive was: No Cook Play Dough. Now all of our play doughs had been no-cook, so Valerie found a recipe on the Kids Activities Blog, and their silky play dough. In the past our “twist” had [...]

Slime exploration!

Slime exploration!

This month’s sensory dough is slime and most slimes out there are made with borax, which from what I’ve been told is a pretty abrasive detergent. So I searched to find a slime recipe that did not have any borax and that’s how I found Fun at Home with Kids’ [...]

Fizzy dough and color mixing fun

Fizzy dough and color mixing fun w

(July 10, 2014) Yep this month sensory dough is fizzy! All I could think of was a volcano, not much of a dough… So I searched around and found this post from Life Lesson Plans. It shows a malleable dough and it’s fizzy, bingo!

We followed the instructions and Nico got [...]

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