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Kids on the Go! – Disneyland, Anaheim, California, USA

Kids on the Go!



 We wanted to keep our four toddlers happy while we visited the ‘happiest place on Earth.’  We started out on this mission two weeks before our trip with a crash course in Disney characters.  We read Disney books, saw a few episodes of the Mickey Mouse Club [...]

Kids on the Go! – Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park, Jacksonville, FL

Kids on the Go!

Our family discovered Hanna Park last summer. It only took minutes to become one of our families favorite locations.  Located on the beautiful sandy shores of the Atlantic Ocean, Hanna Park has just a little bit of everything.  Beaches, freshwater lakes, camping and even a splash park.

The [...]

Kids on the Go – Ferme Guyon, Chambly, Québec (fr)

Kids on the Go!

(Cet article est originalement écrit par Alex, j’ai seulement fait la traduction. Cet article à été publié en anglais originalement le 1er Mai 2012, ce qui explique que certaines choses on changé à la ferme.)

Ferme Guyon est une ferme pédagogique certifié à Chambly, Quebec, à environ [...]

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