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Helping hands close to home – More than food

Helping hands close to home - More than food

10 Days of a Kid-Made Christmas – “A Porcupine in a Pine Tree” Ornament

"A Porcupine in a pine tree" ornament

Glittery salt dough

Glittery Salt Dough

Quick kindergartener Halloween party

Quick kindergartener Halloween party!

Kid-made Q-tip painted ghostly pop-up card

Kid-made Q-tip painted ghostly pop-up card
Inspired by Crafty Morning, I showed Nico this craft and asked him, if he wanted to do a Halloween card version of this for his friends. And he said yes :) But I’m a little OCD when it comes to erasers on pencils and there is no way that I am wasting a good eraser on paint, so we used q-tips. Weset out to make them, following what Craft Morning said to do, so I printed out the template that she suggested. Nico picked out who was getting which ghost and also the ghost color to match the friend (yes, he’s thinking outside the box, folks).

Croatia – Ćevapčići & Đuveč

Cevapcici and Duvec

Around the World in 12 Dishes
Ah, Croatia… Been there many times as a child, my grandmother was born in the then-Austro-Hungarian Empire, which now is the northeast of Croatia, eaten Croatian food countless times, so I was really looking forward to this one! Instead of usually doing research for what recipes there are for a country, I put down recipes I knew and liked and then tried to discuss what we should make and what might also have a chance for Nico to actually eat.

Super soft 2 ingredient play dough

Super soft 2 ingredient play dough

Thanking Public Servants 2013

Thanking Public Servants - Firefighters w

Helping Hands: School supplies

Helping Hands: School supplies
(Delivered Aug, 14, 2014) We’ve used the Calgary Interfaith Food Bank before due to several months of unemployment, EI not coming in on time etc, and we wanted to give back whenever we could, but not by donating food, since they already get that from some major grocery stores (and that is pretty much all they get). After checking their site, I did not see anything for school supplies and thought that this could work for the end of summer, since I did not want to wait until Christmas, and everybody donates around Christmas anyways, so I wanted to do it at a time, where they receive less. School sales rolled around in early August, so off we went.

Magnetic number hunt at the playground

Magnetic Number Hunt at the Playground w

Imagination Movers ticket giveaway

Glittering Muffins and the Imagination Movers have teamed up to give you a great chance to experience the Movers live and in person during their upcoming North American “Back in Blue” tour!

Slime exploration!

Slime exploration! (NO borax)

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