Kids in the kitchen

Kids in the KitchenFor a long time many people have asked us how we get so much done with Nico helping in the kitchen! Here is how:

Spin art Easter eggs

Spin art Easter eggs
All the eggs above are Nico’s.

Dinosaur double chocolate cookies (Scented dough)

Dinosaur Brownie Cookies

Show me your neighbourhood around the world – Airdrie, Alberta, Canada

aroundtheworldlogoThe Piri-Piri Lexicon is the host of a great Multicultural Kids Blogs project called “Show me your neighbourhood around the world” and for a second time we at Glittering Muffins are excited to be a part of it. Different blogs are showcasing the city they live in and typically local things, simple things such as houses, a street, a market etc., so that everybody can travel the world and take in how different everyday things are throughout the world.

Slow cooker apple pie bread pudding

Slow cooker apple pie bread pudding(January 26, 2014) I love bread pudding, ever since my mom used to make scheiterhaufen (which literally translated means funeral pyre), but that will be a different story and a different post. I  had this Austro-Bavarian delicacy countless times, in Quebec I enjoyed the pouding chomeur and now it was about time that we would come up with our own! Inspired by Get Crocked we had a few apples to use, so we set out to employ our trusted slow cooker and put it to work!



Beginning letter sound games

Beginning sound letter games
(Feb. 28, 2014) I’ve been trying to get Nico to understand that apple starts with the letter “a” and so on, but he doesn’t seem to want to pay attention to the sounds of letters matching the beginning of the word, so I thought we would do a game to make it more concrete to him. So I got his magnet letters (I used the first letter of each word I needed), scotch-taped them (rolled up in the back) on some little clear bins (can be any kind of container you have) and I got a big bucket of pompoms. Each bin was the first letter of a color of the pompoms, so I started asking him what is this color and he would tell me (most of the time in French, but for the game I picked them in English, so I had to ask him what it was in English), and I asked him which letter he thought it would start with. Since he was showing some resistance (as he does with most things academical, especially letters), I gave him little hints and some help.

Iceland – Puffins, puffins, puffins

Puffin done
Around the World in 12 Dishes

Iceland – Rúgbrauð (Icelandic Thunder Bread)

Rúgbrauð (Icelandic Thunder Bread)

Edible fluffbutter play dough

Edible fluffbutter play dough
(Mar. 7, 2014) This month’s sensory from the series of Lemon Lime Adventures is edible dough! I searched high and low trying to figure out a dough that our I Spy twist would work with, in the end I had to resign myself to the fact that it wasn’t possible or simply just too disgusting, lol. So once I understood that I looked around for doughs and found this page, read through it all, all are safe to put in your mouth but clearly not all taste good enough to fully eat. I figured as long as it’s supposed to be edible might as well make it fully edible with things I know Nico will eat and we mostly have on hand (we were only missing the fluff). So I opted for the peanut butter/graham crackers play dough as Nico likes all the components.

Pancake day 2014 – donut pancakes

Pancake Day 2014 - donut pancake
One of the “holidays” Nico loves is Pancake Day! Nico asked when pancake day was early in February, he was pretty disappointed when I told him this year it was March 4th only, it was way too many days away! So I knew that after doing this the 2 previous with simple pancakes we had to find something different for this year. In my inbox, last week I got a recipe for cinnamon rolls pancakes which looked SO yummy! But Nico didn’t go for it so we kept searching and Alex found the Nutella donut pancakes which lead him to the doughnut pancakes! When Nico heard of the last one he flipped out, we had to make those!

Around the World in 12 Dishes – Season 3

Around the World in 12 Dishes

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