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Coloured and scented ice cream dough

Ice Cream Dough

(June 11, 2014) June is the first really warm month of the year. Well, it is supposed to, so technically our latest dough of the month in the “12 Months of Sensory Dough” series of Lemon Lime Adventures is aptly chosen as ice cream dough. So Valerie found this great recipe for edible ice cream dough on Smart School [...]

Kids on the Go! – Calgary Zoo, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Calgary Zoo

One of Calgary’s main attractions undoubtedly is the Calgary Zoo. Located mostly on St.George’s Island in the Bow River, it is the second largest zoo in Canada (after Toronto) and founded in 1929 also is among the oldest one of the country.

In June of [...]

Kids on the Go! – AirTime, Troy, Michigan

Kids on the Go!

It’s me, PlayDrMom, bouncing in again to tell you about another great place we found to play.

How could you drive by this place and NOT want to go check it out?!? We knew we wanted to go when we heard about its opening and finally got to check it out last [...]

Christmas sensory bin (small things)

Christmas sensory bin (small things)

Regular blog post [...]

“Barrel of Monkeys” educational fun?

Monkeys in a barrel - making 1

(Sept. 14, 2012) So we got the old classic “Barrel of Monkeys” game the other day during our visit in the States (we probably have it here, too, never looked, just saw it there in passing and grabbed it). I knew Nico probably wouldn’t be able to grab monkey to monkey but I [...]

Kids on the Go – Hess-Hathaway Park, Waterford Township, MI

Kids on the Go!

YAY!  it’s me again, PlayDrMom.  And this time I get to share one of our favorite parks to visit.  My kids lovingly refer to this park as the “Farm Park” because not only can they enjoy an awesome playground area there, but it also has a FARM!

Hess-Hathaway Park [...]

Learning left from right game

Left hand right hand fun

(June 15, 2012) You’ve probably all played this one, piling of the hands one after the other real fast to see if you can get your hand on top, right? I slowed it down and took this opportunity to teach a 2 year old his left from his right. While waiting at [...]

“Matching Shadows” farm game

"Matching shadows" farm game

You probably have seen the zoo bingo from The Iowa Farmer’s Wife? This is where I got my inspiration for this game. The zoo here is huge for a toddler and we never can make it around in one visit. Plus in late April it’s closed and I really wanted to try this game, so [...]

Quick DIY fishing game

DIY fishing game

We were having a garage sale and my mother had some old fishing rods she got to sell, Nico wanted to play with them, but of course he couldn’t or he would mess them all up, so he ask to have one made. My mother got him a little branch [...]

Sensory play – Cloud dough

Cloud dough - Fun!

(Jan. 22, 2012) Ok I’ve been seeing this around for a while and avoiding it, thinking Nico wouldn’t play with it anyways (he doesn’t like touching stuff like that). Most people I saw trying this had older kids, but after 2 months of seeing how much fun everyone was having, I gave [...]

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