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Portugal – Pão doce

Pao Doce

Unless you are Korea, you can find some sort of bread in every country, which is the beauty of it. They will have different meats, different vegetables or different spices, but they will have bread (unless you are Korea, that is). The fact that bread also is something that has a way [...]

Iceland – Rúgbrauð (Icelandic Thunder Bread)

Rúgbrauð (Icelandic Thunder Bread)

(March 16, 2014) If anyone would have told us that two years into “Around the World in 12 Dishes” we would still be cooking and baking away, we would have been very happy and also a little skeptical. After all two years are a big deal in [...]

Canada – Bannock

Metis Bannock

Don’t panic – we got bannock!

(February 5, 2014) Canada – our home country and how much more Canadian can you get than going native Canadian? We have had bannock before on a native reserve here right next to Calgary, but it is fried, so we had a [...]

Egypt – Aish Baladi

Aish Baladi w

In our quest to conquer the world, one bread at a time, we found a recipe for a flatbread called Aish Baladi, which at first look seemed like a cousin of Kenya’s Chapati, just baked instead of pan fried. And didn’t we say after the Chapati that [...]

Kenya – Chapati


African cuisine is not something that we had ever explored, with the exception of Morocco for the first season of “Around the World in 12 Dishes”, so Kenya was a bit of an adventure, I must say. For many dishes I did not even know what they [...]

Spain – Pan de hogaza

Pan de Hogaza

Our search for a Spanish bread to make was a slightly rocky one, starting out with some internet research, finding a recipe that was in industrial quantity and then via some help from a friend of Becky of Kid World Citizen, we focused in on something titled Pan de [...]

Finland – Perunarieska (Potato flat bread) (Regular & sweet)


As you probably have noticed with Ireland and France, we have a new “thing” going, baking a traditional bread for every country and both the Irish Soda Breads and the French Breads were a big hit, so when looking at our next destination Finland, we had a pretty big variety of breads to [...]

France – French breads (regular & sweet)

French bread - Regular

So we are moving on from Dublin and we cross the Irish Sea and Channel to set foot to the mainland in France, the second stop of our second season of “Around the World in 12 Dishes”. You can find our colouring placemat right here and the passport right here [...]

Ireland – Soda Breads (regular & sweet)

Irish Soda Bread

To kick off the second season of “Around the World in 12 Dishes”, we go next door to where we had started out a year ago and set up camp in Ireland’s capital Dublin. You can find our colouring placemat right here and the passport right here (the cover for [...]

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