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Hand-made card prints for Mother’s Day

Finished card prints

When looking for inspiration for a Mother’s Day gift from both Nico and I for Valerie, I stumbled upon a great idea of hand-made card prints from Let’s Explore and immediately knew that this was a perfect thing to do and give Maman something special

It’s really easy and quick to [...]

Heart-Shaped Homemade Zipper Pulls (with coffee filters)

Heart-Shaped Homemade Zipper Pulls (with coffee filters)

As part of our Valentines Day snail mail swap, I wanted Nico to make something for the kids to use. He enjoys coloring on coffee filters, so I thought suncatcher… nah not “useful” enough. Ok what else could we do using those laminated coffee filters…well they do become waterproof. Kids like things hanging [...]

Cards of many hearts (Valentines Day snail mail swap)


A blogging mom (Dinosaurs and Octopuses) decided to organize a good old fashioned Valentines Day snail mail swap between other willing blogging moms. Kids make the Valentines cards and we mail them out between us (them), has to be handmade, after all we are all crafty and that’s what we [...]

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