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(March 27, 2014) A couple of days ago, TinkerLab issued a new creative challenge and we decided to participate. This one is anything egg-related. So I wracked my brain for a few days, but couldn’t figure out anything, so I asked Nico what kind of eggs he would like [...]

Papier mâché hen challenge

Papier mâché hen challenge -  results

A few months back Molly Moo published a picture of a very cool papier mâché Hen that she had made at her papier mâché course. This precipitated a Hen Craft Challenge which Alex & I agreed to take part in, and of course Nico helped a little and also requested his own so we [...]

Operation Intentional Kindness Challenge – Week 3

In week 2, the challenges were:

This week’s assignments for Operation Intentional #Kindness are: Write a real letter or card (on paper, email does not count) to someone just to say hello and share something positive. Buy a giftcard while dining out ($5 to $50 or more… your call!) and give it to [...]

Operation Intentional Kindness Challenge – Week 2

Ok I was supposed to post this yesterday but life happened so I’m posting it today, hope you all still can make it

In week 1, the challenges were:

Operation Intentional #Kindness Week 1 Assignments:

(Choose at least 3 of the following to do this week. I’ll post a new [...]

Operation Intentional Kindness Challenge

I was actually planning on not posting anything new today as it’s Sunday and thought 1 day off is ok during the week, when I stumbled upon a link on my Facebook newsfeed. I follow 2 food blogs because most are just too fancy for me as I like down to earth good [...]

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