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Dinosaur double chocolate cookies (Scented dough)

Dinosaur double chocolate cookies (Scented dough)

(Apr. 10, 2014) This month’s sensory from the series of Lemon Lime Adventures is scented dough! The only stipulation was that it was scented, the rest was open, but so many scented doughs already have been done, cloud dough, play dough and all, so for a whole month we were agonizing about which [...]

Cowtown Rocky Mountain Road Squares

Cowtown Rocky Mountain Road Squares w

I know, “Cowtown Rocky Mountain Road Squares” is quite the mouthful, but as cumbersome it is to say it, it is SOOOO worth it once you took a mouthful

So this is the second recipe in our Cowtown Series and after our fabulous Cowtown Chili we now have a variation [...]

Super moist apple spice muffins

Super moist apple spice muffins

I found this recipe for a Starbucks pumpkin pound cake and we are not big fans of pumpkins, but the cake looked so good that I thought we just had to do it somehow. I figured we could use our slow cooker apple compote, to replace the canned pumpkin. So we went ahead and tried [...]

DIY Cadbury clusters (Knusperflocken)

DIY Cadbury clusters

(Dec. 26, 2012) Alex had asked his mom to bring things from his grandma who passed away a few months before Nico was born. One thing she brought was recipes and this was one of them. After he translated it, I realized it sounded a lot like those yummy chocolate raisin Cadbury clusters. [...]

Australia – Lamingtons

Lamingtons 3

If you’re familiar with our “Around the World in 12 Dishes” series, then you’ve probably noticed that we have a bunch of sweetteeth in our family and more than once we actually had the dessert recipe picked out way before figuring out the main dish, go figure… For Australia it was the same [...]

Sweden – Chokladbollar (Chocolate balls)

All balls done!

Chokladbollar (Chocolate balls)

Hey, no decorating me, I’m not a chocolate ball!

I will admit, we have sweetteeth, not just one, but several. So when looking at Swedish recipes, we automatically also checked out potential desserts and on Valerie’s great blog find Anne’s Food (by a blogger [...]

Quick chocolate or cherry pie filling croissants

Valentine's Day dinner dessert

This was our quick dessert for our quickly improvised Lady Bug Café for Valentines Day dinner.

You will need:

A Pillsbury crescent tube (2 or 3 if you are more or want more) Chocolate chips Cherry pie filling

I laid out the dough like you normally would to make [...]

For the firemen on Christmas eve… (pretzel twists with chocolate and M&M)


After reading a bunch of peoples traditions on Family Fun from Disney, Valérie and I really liked the “Surprise a Public Servant” one. We had been to the firehouse not long ago (Nov 6) after Nico was really into an episode of a kiddy show on firemen so it seemed like a great [...]

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