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Cowtown Rocky Mountain Road Squares

Cowtown Rocky Mountain Road Squares w

I know, “Cowtown Rocky Mountain Road Squares” is quite the mouthful, but as cumbersome it is to say it, it is SOOOO worth it once you took a mouthful

So this is the second recipe in our Cowtown Series and after our fabulous Cowtown Chili we now have a variation [...]

Apple Cinnamon Raisin Bran Muffins

apple cinnamon raisin brand muffins w2

(November 15, 2013) I got recent blood tests, telling me I have high cholesterol, so I asked the doctor what I can do naturally to lower my cholesterol levels, obviously other than Cheerios. He suggested Metamucil, Benefiber or All-Bran and we went with All-Bran, since it’s more natural and everybody can have it [...]

Slow cooker apple compote

Slow cooker apple cinnamon compote

This is a revised version of our original apple compote recipe. We gave out our last batch before leaving Montreal for Calgary, so we had to make more once we got here. Nico’s a big fan of compote, but not so much apple sauce, so to continue our slow cooker try-outs we decided to [...]

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