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Heart clothespins memo clips

Valentine's Day heart clothespins memo clips

(Jan. 21, 2014)  After Christmas was done we decided to keep one of the small trees out and decorate it according to the different holidays or seasons going on. Our first holiday after Christmas is Valentine’s Day! Our fourth and last craft for our tree was little heart clothespins clips, I wanted something simple [...]

Paper roll mummies

Paper roll mummies

As most of you have noticed, we haven’t posted many crafts in the last nine to ten months, because Nico was pretty much against it, since it was “too much work” and “too long” according to him. So we have been mostly cooking, hence the influx of recipes. But for Halloween, I wanted [...]

Kid-made dream catcher

Kid-made dream catcher

(August 30, 2013) Today I was looking for some Egyptian crafts for the next country of  Around the World in 12 Dishes and I found this Pinterest board in my email recommendations, while looking I found this craft for Canada (which is the last country for ATWI12D this year), I was planning to [...]

Foam sheet Easter eggs

Foam sheet Easter eggs

(March 7, 2012) Easter is coming, so here is a quick toddler craft we made last year but forgot to post about. I got foam sheet egg shapes at the dollar store and asked Nico if he wanted to decorate them for Easter.

As usual he picked the color of the [...]

Peanuts snowman magnets

Peanut snowman magnets

Regular blog post [...]

Kids glass cozies

Kid glass cozies- result

(Sept, 24, 2012) Nico kept complaining his glass of milk in the morning, afternoon and evening was too cold to hold, so I wrapped a dish towel around for him. It’s not the best solution but it works. This morning, my mother came up to visit and saw this usual fact happen, but [...]

Apple picking bucket

Apple picking bucket - happy bucket

 A long time ago, I got this wood bucket at the dollar store for 2$, I like buckets, not sure why, just do. I was trying to think of something to do for fall and I thought, Nico could use this bucket for apple picking, it’s light and not too big. Even though [...]

2 sided door hanger for preschooler

2 sided door hanger for preschooler - all done

We got the shapes at the dollar store and I always grab little wood things for him to paint, he loves that. I grabbed those door hangers, thinking for later when he can read and use it properly. The other day he wanted to paint them so I said “ok, why not” and [...]

DIY shoebox fire station (City of Friends)


 (August 25, 2012) Nico has been watching City of Friends on the Quebec French kids channel for a while and has been asking about a fire truck since then. I looked everywhere in town and the next town even, I couldn’t find a fire truck for his birthday. But yesterday we went to [...]

Quick DIY fishing game

DIY fishing game

We were having a garage sale and my mother had some old fishing rods she got to sell, Nico wanted to play with them, but of course he couldn’t or he would mess them all up, so he ask to have one made. My mother got him a little branch [...]

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