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Cookie cutter bird (squirrel) feeder

Cookie Cutter Bird Feeder - Making

I say this on Juggling with Kids a while back and loved the idea. I thought Nico would enjoy it and I was right, he’s asked to make more since then but I’m not a fan of feeding those dang squirrels so we haven’t but we’ll try again this fall, hoping to get [...]

Japan – Milk carton lanterns

Milk carton latern - mine

I was looking through the Sleeping Bear Press “K is for Kabuki” book (you can win it this month) and noticed they had a page on lanterns and their use/meaning. I happened to look up from the book to see a used (cleaned) milk carton… and saw 2 lanterns (you [...]

Tinkerlab’s Creative Challenge: Flowers – sensory pictures

Adding some grass with the back leafs of the sunflowers.

So once again Nico is in a no mood, or TV mood if you prefer, and didn’t participate too much. I think he may have liked this with real flowers because he could have smelled them.

The flowers before being cut up.

He’s really into smell right now and it [...]

Hand-made card prints for Mother’s Day

Finished card prints

When looking for inspiration for a Mother’s Day gift from both Nico and I for Valerie, I stumbled upon a great idea of hand-made card prints from Let’s Explore and immediately knew that this was a perfect thing to do and give Maman something special

It’s really easy and quick to [...]

Quick Lady Bug Café sign


This was our quick sign for our quickly improvised Lady Bug Café for Valentines Day dinner.

I didn’t have a big poster board and couldn’t go buy one as Nico was sleeping. So I took 4 pink cardstocks and taped them together. Then I penciled the letters for the name, free [...]

Paper bag cheese (paper bag challenge from Tinkerlab)

Paper Bag Cheese Finished

I’ve been thinking for 2 weeks about this challenge, I wanted something new that Nico could help with making and play with when done. Finally the night before the launch of the challenge I asked my mother because I was stumped. She gave me the same ideas I had thought of and didn’t [...]

Valentine Ideas Collaborative Project

Today we are proud to bring you a great project of 53 amazing kids’ blogs – the Valentine Ideas blog hop! Make sure to check out what these creative minds have come up with!


Mama Pea Pod, Let Kids Create – My Creative Family – Hands on: [...]

Play dough hedgehogs (porcupines)

Play dough hedgehogs

All you need is homemade Kool-Aid play dough and toothpicks.

I used the glittery leftover from our baked play dough ornaments and shaped the hedgehog for Nico. He went to town with the toothpicks He even posed for me!

Variation: You could use [...]

Rainbow painting surprise!


The other day I bought a Rainbow Art Kit at the thrift store, brand new, not open. I had never seen one like this before, so I had no clue how to use it. Since we bought it, he kept bugging me to use it, so after a few days, I gave in and [...]

Valentine’s Day glitter globe

Valentine's Day glitter globe

So I’ve seen those paper plate snowman snow globes everywhere online over the holidays. I knew I wanted to make one with Nico as he loves shaking the regular ones (it looks like glitter to him, lol). Time went on and we were so busy making all our tree ornaments that time [...]

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