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Smashing egg-art

Smashing egg-art - Nico art piece

I first saw this on Pinterest from “Growing a Jeweled Rose”, I headed over to the site and I knew right away that we had to do it cause Nico would love it!

Since we don’t use eggs often, it took a few months to collect all the shells. On [...]



(March 27, 2014) A couple of days ago, TinkerLab issued a new creative challenge and we decided to participate. This one is anything egg-related. So I wracked my brain for a few days, but couldn’t figure out anything, so I asked Nico what kind of eggs he would like [...]

Iceland – Puffins, puffins, puffins

Puffin done

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(March 16, 2014) When you think of Iceland, what do you think of? Glaciers, geothermal wells, volcanoes and – puffins! Nico decided that puffins were his favourite animals (for at least three days!), so we wanted to dig [...]

Santa paint brush ornaments

santa paint brush ornament wR

(Nov. 3 to Nov. 16, 2013) Saw something similar online a while back, just a pic nothing else, I liked the idea but wanted to change several things and this is what we ended up with

First we painted the handle red for Santa’s hat, then the metal part and [...]

Upcycled glitter star tree topper (3 easy steps)

Upcycled glitter star tree topper w1

(Nov 5, 2013)  Nico was making a tree downstairs at my mother’s and he wanted to put the star on top, but the only one she had was very blah, so she sent him up to glitterize it! It took literally 5 minutes to do.

We painted mod podge (you could [...]

Christmas Crafts for Kids – Book Review

Christmas Crafts for Kids

As you probably have noticed, I don’t usually review things on the blog. But this one was too good to pass, although you might notice after reading this post that I am not very good at reviewing things. I was offered a free digital copy of “Christmas Crafts for Kids” by Beth [...]

Christmas lacing card ornaments

Christmas lacing card ornament

(Nov. 17, 2013) Last year we made awesome cinnamon ornaments for our country style Christmas tree, they still smell and look awesome this year but I wanted Nico to make something new this year. Our friend at 3 Dinosaurs had provided us with our lacing card tree top last year, [...]

Counting and alphabet octopuses (or jellyfishes)

Counting and alphabet octopuses (or jellyfishes)

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(July 30, 2013) Nico went to Michaels’ Craft Camp this summer, his first activity without Maman and Papa. To add to the mix it was in English, which at that time he only understood, but did not speak. The second [...]

Paper roll bats

Paper roll bats

After our Paper roll mummies and Paper roll cats, it’s now time for our last Halloween family – our Paper roll bats! They are closely related to our cats, since you need almost the exact same things to make them, which makes them so easy!

Again I flattened [...]

Paper roll cats

Paper roll cats

Our paper roll mummies managed to get us into the Halloween spirit and sparked some more ideas! After the wrapping of the mummies I wanted to satisfy Nico’s love for painting and thought of black cats as something else Halloween related. So we pulled out some more toilet paper rolls (of [...]

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