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Papier mâché hen challenge

Papier mâché hen challenge -  results

A few months back Molly Moo published a picture of a very cool papier mâché Hen that she had made at her papier mâché course. This precipitated a Hen Craft Challenge which Alex & I agreed to take part in, and of course Nico helped a little and also requested his own so we [...]

Kid painted chairs

Kid painted chairs - pirate themed

(Jan. 23, 2012) I bought little wood chairs a long time ago (pre Nico) at a thrift shop, I knew I’d have kids and wanted good old solid wood furniture. So now years later, Nico was using them in their used white paint. One day, I asked him if he wanted to paint [...]

German metal foil star Christmas ornaments

Foil stars

Regular blog post [...]

DIY cone advent calendar

DIY cone advent calendar

Last year, pre-blog era (explains lack of pics), we needed a specific calendar size for Nico since we were putting letters we made in them, so we made it. Since you need to do this 24 times I didn’t want it to be hard or long to do, had to be doable in [...]

DIY Monster race board game

DIY monster race game - playing

Trying to get into the Halloween mood here, also trying to keep it fun and not scary for Nico. So I thought I would make a little game for him based on a game he owns, “Allez les escargots” (“Snail’s Pace Race”). It’s easy to play, even for a just turned 3 yo, [...]

DIY themed word sight cork board

DIY themed word sight cork board - results

I got this farm fabric in the States that I knew Nico would love, since he loves everything farm for the last year. I only got a yard (asked for a meter, force of habit, but the girl said nope, jokingly and offered me a yard instead), it was a little pricey but [...]

Australia – Dot art paper plate turtle

Dot art paper plate turtle - results

This month “Around the World in 12 Dishes” Is going down under. Food wise all was good but craft wise I was totally uninspired, so I asked the group of mommy bloggers I’m part of and they came up with TONS of ideas. One that stuck with me was the Aboriginal dot [...]

Painted puzzle piece shadow box (with a painting twist)

Painted puzzle shadow box - orange

Since the button shadow box had gone over well with Nico 4 months prior and now that I knew what to put in it, I needed to do one more.

Here he’s shaking his colors, I gave him color choices. Then I poured out and asked him to paint the side [...]

Button shadow box (with a glitter twist)

Button shadow box - gluing buttons

Back in the pre-blog days, I was looking for something quick to set up for Nico who wanted to do something. So I grabbed a wooden shadow box, the button bags (already separated per color), little bowls and glue. Nico also saw some wooden lady bugs and we agreed on 3. At the [...]

United Kingdom – postbox bank

UK postbox bank - bank

I wondered what craft I should make to represent the UK and started looking for UK landmark photos to get an idea. I thought about a phone booth, all those little windows would be very time consuming and difficult for a kid to do. I remembered those red postboxes and I got thinking, [...]

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