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Smashing egg-art

Smashing egg-art - Nico art piece

I first saw this on Pinterest from “Growing a Jeweled Rose”, I headed over to the site and I knew right away that we had to do it cause Nico would love it!

Since we don’t use eggs often, it took a few months to collect all the shells. On [...]



(March 27, 2014) A couple of days ago, TinkerLab issued a new creative challenge and we decided to participate. This one is anything egg-related. So I wracked my brain for a few days, but couldn’t figure out anything, so I asked Nico what kind of eggs he would like [...]

Play dough eggs


So the other morning, I leave Nico with my mom (she lives downstairs) to drive hubby to work. It was cold and not worth dressing him all up for 20 minutes of total car ride.

I set him up with the orange Kool-Aid play dough we made the night before and [...]

Handprints and stamps apron


Long before Father’s Day, I knew what I wanted to make hubby for Father’s Day. He’s as gotten quite good at cooking since we’ve met, he’s improved a lot so I thought he may like his very own made by Nico apron. So I got an apron at the dollar store in the [...]

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