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Iceland – Puffins, puffins, puffins

Puffin done

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(March 16, 2014) When you think of Iceland, what do you think of? Glaciers, geothermal wells, volcanoes and – puffins! Nico decided that puffins were his favourite animals (for at least three days!), so we wanted to dig [...]

Cowtown Slow Cooker Chili

Cowtown Chili w

(October 27, 2013) In our quest to see what we can put into a slow cooker (ours is a 4.5 quart) in hopes for a delicious outcome, chili had been pretty high on our list. So we finally checked out a few recipes more in depth and then decided to [...]

DIY themed word sight cork board

DIY themed word sight cork board - results

I got this farm fabric in the States that I knew Nico would love, since he loves everything farm for the last year. I only got a yard (asked for a meter, force of habit, but the girl said nope, jokingly and offered me a yard instead), it was a little pricey but [...]

Kids glass cozies

Kid glass cozies- result

(Sept, 24, 2012) Nico kept complaining his glass of milk in the morning, afternoon and evening was too cold to hold, so I wrapped a dish towel around for him. It’s not the best solution but it works. This morning, my mother came up to visit and saw this usual fact happen, but [...]

2 sided door hanger for preschooler

2 sided door hanger for preschooler - all done

We got the shapes at the dollar store and I always grab little wood things for him to paint, he loves that. I grabbed those door hangers, thinking for later when he can read and use it properly. The other day he wanted to paint them so I said “ok, why not” and [...]

Cookie cutter bird (squirrel) feeder

Cookie Cutter Bird Feeder - Making

I say this on Juggling with Kids a while back and loved the idea. I thought Nico would enjoy it and I was right, he’s asked to make more since then but I’m not a fan of feeding those dang squirrels so we haven’t but we’ll try again this fall, hoping to get [...]

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