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Felt food – Fettucine


Have I mentioned that Nico loves to cook? Probably. Did I also mention that he loves pasta? In every shape, way and form, with a little sauce, without sauce, raw (don’t ask, I will only say that the sound of an uncooked macaroni is not something you would like to hear more than [...]

Felt food – Ham sandwich


How about a nice ham sandwich? Exactly our thought! Nico has a little toy toaster with two slices of toast that pop out halfway to the ceiling and he loves them. So since he likes to play with them so much, we figured to give him a whole sandwich and not just stop [...]

Felt food – French fries


Nico loves French fries…Reads familiar? Yep, we were concentrating on re-creating some of Nico’s favorite foods to play, nothing is going to give you as much quiet play time for your buck than giving him what he likes. Anyways…I know that French fries probably do not rank very high on the list of [...]

Felt food – Popcorn

Felt food - popcorn

Nico loves popcorn, so what is an easier decision than to make some nice and crunchy (ok, not so much the latter) popped corn for our little one as number three? Valerie had seen a few awesome looking popcorn samples out on the interwebs and we ended up with an irregular drawing that [...]

Felt food – All-dressed pizza


Project number two was an all-dressed pizza. For everybody outside of the province of Quebec, all-dressed means crust, sauce, pepperoni, green bell peppers and mushrooms and usually under the cheese, and it is a staple in Quebecois cuisine. Now most children I know are very to extremely picky in what they eat and [...]

Felt food – Bacon cheeseburger


So the first menu item we tackled, was a burger, since he has seen us eat those every now and then, we like them with cheese, so we added that and anything is better with a vegetable, so we just had to add some bacon to this, too. Since I could not sew [...]

Felt Food – The Introduction

Even though this is a montage, this really was going on at the same time, our camera just wasn’t quite able to take one photo in two different directions at once.

Ever since he was a little baby, Nico has been fascinated with food and cooking. I mean, [...]

Felt pompoms Christmas trees

Felt pompoms Christmas trees - done

Here’s the final product:

I was inspired by “Happy Hooligans” who made a Christmas tree ornament with crafts sticks and pompoms. I decided to go with felt instead. I found a shape of a Christmas tree I liked on google and printed out the size I needed. Hubby was patient enough [...]

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