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Christmas in Germany

Christmas in Germany

We are excited to be part of a great new blog hop named “Christmas in Different Lands”, hosted by Multicultural Kid Blogs

Christmas in Germany is very different from what we are used to in North America. Most of the traditions are way more steeped in, well, tradition [...]

Spritzgebaeck (German cookies)

Spritzgebaeck final

Since my parents were coming from Germany to spend Christmas with us, we figured that we would also go for some good old German cookies, among them my childhood favourites of Spritzgebaeck.

 The recipe is easy, even with an impatient toddler helping left and right and does not [...]

Christmas Around the World – Germany


Germany is a country in the centre of Europe and the most populated of the continent. It has a rich history going back centuries, starting with different states and peoples that in the end would be united as Germany. Its history is as rich as it has been tumultuous with two World Wars, [...]

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