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Slime exploration!

Slime exploration!

This month’s sensory dough is slime and most slimes out there are made with borax, which from what I’ve been told is a pretty abrasive detergent. So I searched to find a slime recipe that did not have any borax and that’s how I found Fun at Home with Kids’ [...]

Glittery I Spy Sensory Foam Dough

Glittery I Spy sensory foam dough

This year we are joining a new series from Dayna at Lemon Lime Adventures, where several blogs bring you their adventures and special twists on a sensory dough every month. So come back every month to see what we do with our sensory monthly dough.

The first dough we are sharing [...]

Upcycled glitter star tree topper (3 easy steps)

Upcycled glitter star tree topper w1

(Nov 5, 2013)  Nico was making a tree downstairs at my mother’s and he wanted to put the star on top, but the only one she had was very blah, so she sent him up to glitterize it! It took literally 5 minutes to do.

We painted mod podge (you could [...]

2 sided door hanger for preschooler

2 sided door hanger for preschooler - all done

We got the shapes at the dollar store and I always grab little wood things for him to paint, he loves that. I grabbed those door hangers, thinking for later when he can read and use it properly. The other day he wanted to paint them so I said “ok, why not” and [...]

Painted puzzle piece shadow box (with a painting twist)

Painted puzzle shadow box - orange

Since the button shadow box had gone over well with Nico 4 months prior and now that I knew what to put in it, I needed to do one more.

Here he’s shaking his colors, I gave him color choices. Then I poured out and asked him to paint the side [...]

Button shadow box (with a glitter twist)

Button shadow box - gluing buttons

Back in the pre-blog days, I was looking for something quick to set up for Nico who wanted to do something. So I grabbed a wooden shadow box, the button bags (already separated per color), little bowls and glue. Nico also saw some wooden lady bugs and we agreed on 3. At the [...]

EE the mouse and her house

Ee's House result

If you haven’t met EE  in our paper bag cheese post you can also meet her here in her house. After making her a cheese I thought she could use a house. I asked Nico if he also wanted a house for EE, he jumped up and down so I took that as [...]

Clay Christmas ornaments

Clay Christmas ornaments - done

Here are the final products:

In our quest to have our Christmas tree mostly decorated with ornaments made by or helped by Nico, we have been looking into different things to work with in order to make it easy to do and at good old Wal*Mart we saw [...]

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