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Slime exploration!

Slime exploration!

This month’s sensory dough is slime and most slimes out there are made with borax, which from what I’ve been told is a pretty abrasive detergent. So I searched to find a slime recipe that did not have any borax and that’s how I found Fun at Home with Kids’ [...]

Fizzy dough and color mixing fun

Fizzy dough and color mixing fun w

(July 10, 2014) Yep this month sensory dough is fizzy! All I could think of was a volcano, not much of a dough… So I searched around and found this post from Life Lesson Plans. It shows a malleable dough and it’s fizzy, bingo!

We followed the instructions and Nico got [...]

Glittery I Spy Sensory Foam Dough

Glittery I Spy sensory foam dough

This year we are joining a new series from Dayna at Lemon Lime Adventures, where several blogs bring you their adventures and special twists on a sensory dough every month. So come back every month to see what we do with our sensory monthly dough.

The first dough we are sharing [...]

Kids on the Go! – AirTime, Troy, Michigan

Kids on the Go!

It’s me, PlayDrMom, bouncing in again to tell you about another great place we found to play.

How could you drive by this place and NOT want to go check it out?!? We knew we wanted to go when we heard about its opening and finally got to check it out last [...]

Toilet paper roll building blocks

tp rolls building blocks towerww

(April 11, 2013) Nico loves when we buy a big pack of toilet paper because it’s a nice seat in the shopping cart. Normally he brings it in the house and the bathroom, then he’s happy to have done his job. Today, before dinner, he wanted to open the whole pack and play [...]

Grab a bag! (motor skills game)

Grab a bag! - oooh

Regular blog post [...]

Kids on the Go! – Marvin’s Marvelous Mechanical Museum, Farmington Hills, MI

Kids on the Go!

I’m back again to share a wonderfully fun place that’s completely unique and a truly special place in Michigan.

 Marvin’s Marvelous Mechanical Museum is an amazing combination of an arcade and museum … literally PACKED with a huge collection of coin-operated games.  “Some are exceptionally rare, and others [...]

Christmas sensory bin (small things)

Christmas sensory bin (small things)

Regular blog post [...]

“Barrel of Monkeys” educational fun?

Monkeys in a barrel - making 1

(Sept. 14, 2012) So we got the old classic “Barrel of Monkeys” game the other day during our visit in the States (we probably have it here, too, never looked, just saw it there in passing and grabbed it). I knew Nico probably wouldn’t be able to grab monkey to monkey but I [...]

Learning left from right game

Left hand right hand fun

(June 15, 2012) You’ve probably all played this one, piling of the hands one after the other real fast to see if you can get your hand on top, right? I slowed it down and took this opportunity to teach a 2 year old his left from his right. While waiting at [...]

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