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Thanking Public Servants 2013

Thanking Public Servants - Firefighters w

Disclaimer: In case you are wondering, why you read about something from last Christmas in late August – we had the post all ready and then…forgot…to publish it… And we thought it would be a shame to leave it buried (if we back-dated it), right?

Some of you [...]

Thanking Public Servants


Inspired by last year’s Christmas Eve delivery of goodies to the firehouse, we wanted to continue and make it a yearly tradition and since Nico is so fascinated with anything related to fire trucks, ambulances and police cars, it was an easy choice. So after some considerations as to what to make and [...]

Operation Intentional Kindness Challenge – Week 3

In week 2, the challenges were:

This week’s assignments for Operation Intentional #Kindness are: Write a real letter or card (on paper, email does not count) to someone just to say hello and share something positive. Buy a giftcard while dining out ($5 to $50 or more… your call!) and give it to [...]

Rainbow painting surprise!


The other day I bought a Rainbow Art Kit at the thrift store, brand new, not open. I had never seen one like this before, so I had no clue how to use it. Since we bought it, he kept bugging me to use it, so after a few days, I gave in and [...]

Operation Intentional Kindness Challenge – Week 2

Ok I was supposed to post this yesterday but life happened so I’m posting it today, hope you all still can make it

In week 1, the challenges were:

Operation Intentional #Kindness Week 1 Assignments:

(Choose at least 3 of the following to do this week. I’ll post a new [...]

Operation Intentional Kindness Challenge

I was actually planning on not posting anything new today as it’s Sunday and thought 1 day off is ok during the week, when I stumbled upon a link on my Facebook newsfeed. I follow 2 food blogs because most are just too fancy for me as I like down to earth good [...]

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