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Play dough hedgehogs (porcupines)

Play dough hedgehogs

All you need is homemade Kool-Aid play dough and toothpicks.

I used the glittery leftover from our baked play dough ornaments and shaped the hedgehog for Nico. He went to town with the toothpicks He even posed for me!

Variation: You could use [...]

Kool-Aid and Jell-O coloured (and scented) cloud dough


While Valerie and Nico were busy with their highly successful cloud dough (or “warm snow”, as Nico calls it), I went into the Glittering Muffins test kitchen to see, if I couldn’t whip up some colours and scents to add to the otherwise white and rather blah mix, once more going with our [...]

Valentines Day Kool-Aid icing

Kool Aid icing

Baking a little something special for Valentines Day, I thought we could make a special pink icing to go with it.

You will need:

White icing 1 packet of cherry Kool-Aid powder

I didn’t make a lot of icing cause we aren’t big on icing in this house, but I’ll tell [...]

Valentine’s Day Kool-Aid pancakes – flop


So today we tried some logical deduction. Children like pancakes. Children like chocolate chips. Children like Kool-Aid. So chocolate chip pancakes with red (cherry) Kool-Aid powder should be awesome, right?

Now we have a great and easy pancake recipe that has been in our family for generations…ok, for about two weeks, [...]

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