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Multilingual Carnival: Raising a trilingual child!


We are so happy to participate in this month’s Multilingual Carnival, hosted by Discovering The World Through My Son’s Eyes!

Raising a bilingual/trilingual child can be a challenge, since he/she has to compute twice as many words, which is a lot, since they are just learning the world. But instead of [...]

Counting and alphabet octopuses (or jellyfishes)

Counting and alphabet octopuses (or jellyfishes)

(Disclaimer: This post contains an affiliate link for your convenience.)

(July 30, 2013) Nico went to Michaels’ Craft Camp this summer, his first activity without Maman and Papa. To add to the mix it was in English, which at that time he only understood, but did not speak. The second [...]

Toilet paper roll building blocks

tp rolls building blocks towerww

(April 11, 2013) Nico loves when we buy a big pack of toilet paper because it’s a nice seat in the shopping cart. Normally he brings it in the house and the bathroom, then he’s happy to have done his job. Today, before dinner, he wanted to open the whole pack and play [...]

Discover the world through food, places & locals

On Glittering Muffins, we like to discover the world but it can get expensive to actually go everywhere, so we came up with a few collaborative series to help us do so and hopefully you can enjoy them too

-Our first one was something most people don’t think about [...]

Kids On the Go! – Exploring the Cranbrook Institute of Science, Bloomfield Hills, MI

Kids on the Go!

It’s me, PlayDrMom, and I’m back to share another one of our favorite places to visit.  This time it’s a wonderful place that I’ve been visiting since I was a child … Cranbrook Institute of Science which is located in Bloomfield Hills, MI.  The science institute is part of (and located within) the campus [...]

“Barrel of Monkeys” educational fun?

Monkeys in a barrel - making 1

(Sept. 14, 2012) So we got the old classic “Barrel of Monkeys” game the other day during our visit in the States (we probably have it here, too, never looked, just saw it there in passing and grabbed it). I knew Nico probably wouldn’t be able to grab monkey to monkey but I [...]

Pompom toss (pocket lounge mat)

Pocket lounge mat pompom toss

So we got this pocket lounge mat for Nico for our trip the other day, since one of the hotels only mentioned 1 bed. A few days before I set it up to make sure he likes it and gets used to it. I was preparing another game with pompoms for him to [...]

Learning fun with soup cans

Learning fun with soup cans - stacking

The other day we got a bunch of tomato soup and vegetable soup cans as they were on sale and we use them a lot, to make our vegetable soup rice for example.  Nico normally helps me to get the grocery out of the bags, but once he got to the cans I [...]

Ice cream tub sorting/stacking


He came up with this one on his own, I kept the tubs for paint mixing when I repaint furniture. He got the tubs, the blocks and we asked him if he could sort them by color. He did.

When that was done he wanted to stack them of course (he [...]

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