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Christmas lacing card ornaments

Christmas lacing card ornament

(Nov. 17, 2013) Last year we made awesome cinnamon ornaments for our country style Christmas tree, they still smell and look awesome this year but I wanted Nico to make something new this year. Our friend at 3 Dinosaurs had provided us with our lacing card tree top last year, [...]

Kids on the Go! – AirTime, Troy, Michigan

Kids on the Go!

It’s me, PlayDrMom, bouncing in again to tell you about another great place we found to play.

How could you drive by this place and NOT want to go check it out?!? We knew we wanted to go when we heard about its opening and finally got to check it out last [...]

18 ways to help your toddler’s fine motor skills


Motor skills are something incredibly important for any toddler to learn and train and the possibilities virtually are endless. There are your usual textbooks as to what can be done, there are games that foster these skills, but you can help them with almost anything in the household in various ways, both in [...]

Time with Papa – Building a BBQ


(April 15, 2012, 31 months old) Since our old barbecue was not quite up to snuff anymore, we figured that it was time to get us a new lean, mean grilling machine. Well, nobody was more excited to get the barbecue built pretty much the moment we pulled into the driveway than Nico, so [...]

Time With Papa – Building A Little Swing

Finished swing

(April 15, 2012, 31 months old) There is a time in the life of a toddler, when just sitting on the floor on the deck is not exactly enough anymore. So it came as a very nice coincidence that a local hardware store had a really cute Hollywood swing in Nico’s size on [...]

Hi-Ho Cherry-O for under 3

Hi Ho Cherry-O for under 3 - playing

This is not a sponsored post at all, just our experience.

(March 8th 2012, 30 months) We had been reading lots of numbers books, but oddly enough most of them were counting down (10 to 1) and I wanted him to be able to count up, so I pulled out a [...]

DIY screw board

DIY screwboard

Nico loves cooking but he also loves tools! He always wants to screw something, so my mother took an old piece of baseboard and drilled holes so the screws she had fit. Gave him the screwdriver + screws and voilà!

Look at that boy working on his motor skills without even [...]

Discovering craft scissors

Discovering craft scissors - the choice

Nico had been kind of obsessed with anything “cut cut”, be it scissors or knives (of course we would never even think of giving him any of that, I mean obsessed with wanting them), so when Valerie and her mom started to work on the storage room turned spare bedroom turned storage room [...]

Foam bead threading & sorting

Foam bead threading & sorting posing

I bought those at the thrift store, 2$ for the big bag, put them away and forgot about them. Organizing  my craft room, I found them and had Nico give them a try.

He wanted them all out of the bag at once so basket it was.

Play dough hedgehogs (porcupines)

Play dough hedgehogs

All you need is homemade Kool-Aid play dough and toothpicks.

I used the glittery leftover from our baked play dough ornaments and shaped the hedgehog for Nico. He went to town with the toothpicks He even posed for me!

Variation: You could use [...]

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