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Tall Ships At the Quay

Tall ships - Ship

While looking around on the internet, I found something that looked interesting: the “Tall Ships At The Quay” at the Old Port of Montreal. What it is is basically six tall (who would have thought?) ships (wow!) at the…eh… it is six sail ships that are either restored originals or reproduction of vessels from the [...]

20 ways to have your toddler safely enjoy outdoor play in winter

Winter snow angel

Winter can be a wonderful season, with snow adding to the fun (obviously only if you live in a somewhat northern climate), and it is a great opportunity to spend time outside with your children. Here are some tips and inspirations to make the most out of it and at the same time to keep [...]

Color palette nature hunt (walk time)

Color Palette Hunt - results

This was done pre-blog which explains the lack of and fuzzy  photos but I will try my best to explain it.

First I drew a color palette shape on a cardboard then I drew little color circles (that matched what I know can be found on our walk, color wise) where [...]

Snowman moose


This year Nico is 2 and flipping over snow, he was in awe the first time it snowed this year It was so neat to seem him so happy repeating: “neige, neige, neige” (snow in french) over and over again with his happy little voice. Little did we know he would have to [...]

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