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Time With Papa – Building A Little Swing

Finished swing

(April 15, 2012, 31 months old) There is a time in the life of a toddler, when just sitting on the floor on the deck is not exactly enough anymore. So it came as a very nice coincidence that a local hardware store had a really cute Hollywood swing in Nico’s size on [...]

Kids on the Go – Hess-Hathaway Park, Waterford Township, MI

Kids on the Go!

YAY!  it’s me again, PlayDrMom.  And this time I get to share one of our favorite parks to visit.  My kids lovingly refer to this park as the “Farm Park” because not only can they enjoy an awesome playground area there, but it also has a FARM!

Hess-Hathaway Park [...]

Learning left from right game

Left hand right hand fun

(June 15, 2012) You’ve probably all played this one, piling of the hands one after the other real fast to see if you can get your hand on top, right? I slowed it down and took this opportunity to teach a 2 year old his left from his right. While waiting at [...]

Quick DIY fishing game

DIY fishing game

We were having a garage sale and my mother had some old fishing rods she got to sell, Nico wanted to play with them, but of course he couldn’t or he would mess them all up, so he ask to have one made. My mother got him a little branch [...]

Time with papa – Swinging in snow

Swinging in snow - outside

So it is winter – what does that mean? Shorts, sun and less sweating than in summer? OK, then you might be in Texas, Florida or California, here in Quebec it stands for snow, cold, wind, snow, short days and have I mentioned snow? I have to admit that I wanted to return [...]

Off to the farm…

Ferme Guyon Farm - outside

So after visiting the butterfly house for a good 45 minutes, we went to see the little farm on the same propriety.It’s an educational farm, where they offer tours and activities for school group, of course on a Sunday (the day we went) they don’t do those but you still can do around [...]

A visit to the butterfly house

Ferme Guyon - Nico butterfly

On October 9th 2011 (so pre-blog era) we went to visit a butterfly house (the place is called Ferme Guyon and they are also on Facebook.). I don’t know how many of those exist out there but I had never heard of one before. They are housed in a greenhouse type building (sorry [...]

Birthday picnic


Children’s birthdays are something equally great and potentially exhausting. Many parents go to great lengths to organize birthday parties with themes and decorations and invitations to half the country to come and join, effectively spending two months planning, preparing, cooking, baking, decorating, wrapping, sending, receiving, calling and in the end falling into bed [...]

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