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Paper roll bats

Paper roll bats

After our Paper roll mummies and Paper roll cats, it’s now time for our last Halloween family – our Paper roll bats! They are closely related to our cats, since you need almost the exact same things to make them, which makes them so easy!

Again I flattened [...]

Paper roll cats

Paper roll cats

Our paper roll mummies managed to get us into the Halloween spirit and sparked some more ideas! After the wrapping of the mummies I wanted to satisfy Nico’s love for painting and thought of black cats as something else Halloween related. So we pulled out some more toilet paper rolls (of [...]

DIY Sidewalk chalk paint


On April 14, 2012, the weather looked nice and Nico had been asking for a picnic so we headed to the park, but before we went, I decided that since Nico likes paint so much, maybe we should make our own DIY sidewalk chalk paint (haven’t seen any in stores anyways). I looked [...]

Hand-made card prints for Mother’s Day

Finished card prints

When looking for inspiration for a Mother’s Day gift from both Nico and I for Valerie, I stumbled upon a great idea of hand-made card prints from Let’s Explore and immediately knew that this was a perfect thing to do and give Maman something special

It’s really easy and quick to [...]

EE the mouse and her house

Ee's House result

If you haven’t met EE  in our paper bag cheese post you can also meet her here in her house. After making her a cheese I thought she could use a house. I asked Nico if he also wanted a house for EE, he jumped up and down so I took that as [...]

Painting without a brush

Painting without a brush - prickly ball

When you think of painting, you automatically think brush, but don’t you sometimes just get bored by using a brush? Exactly what we thought and Valerie went and stormed her brain to see, what else there was to paint with and make some cool looking art. Basically all she had to do was [...]

Suncatcher rainbow hearts


This early afternoon Nico was getting restless, it had been raining (more like pouring) all morning, so I figured ok quick craft, suncatchers! So I got the coffee filters and the Rainbow Art Kit again and I got deserted! When getting the stuff upstairs in the “craft room”, he saw the bin [...]

Clay Christmas ornaments

Clay Christmas ornaments - done

Here are the final products:

In our quest to have our Christmas tree mostly decorated with ornaments made by or helped by Nico, we have been looking into different things to work with in order to make it easy to do and at good old Wal*Mart we saw [...]

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