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Smashing egg-art

Smashing egg-art - Nico art piece

I first saw this on Pinterest from “Growing a Jeweled Rose”, I headed over to the site and I knew right away that we had to do it cause Nico would love it!

Since we don’t use eggs often, it took a few months to collect all the shells. On [...]

Counting and alphabet octopuses (or jellyfishes)

Counting and alphabet octopuses (or jellyfishes)

(Disclaimer: This post contains an affiliate link for your convenience.)

(July 30, 2013) Nico went to Michaels’ Craft Camp this summer, his first activity without Maman and Papa. To add to the mix it was in English, which at that time he only understood, but did not speak. The second [...]

Kid painted chairs

Kid painted chairs - pirate themed

(Jan. 23, 2012) I bought little wood chairs a long time ago (pre Nico) at a thrift shop, I knew I’d have kids and wanted good old solid wood furniture. So now years later, Nico was using them in their used white paint. One day, I asked him if he wanted to paint [...]

Painting without a brush 3 – BIG

Painting without a brush - done

He had been asking to make a big painting for a while, so one night after dinner (with cleaning back up from daddy) I set up the plastic mat and tore a big chunk of his paper roll for him to paint on. He wanted to use the finger paint but we couldn’t [...]

Window markers

Window markers - masterpiece

A few months back when I started looking at blogs for activities, one thing that often came back was window markers. I had never heard of them so I looked for them one day and to my happy surprise they were available here as well. Most blogs I saw it on were US [...]

Rainbow painting surprise!


The other day I bought a Rainbow Art Kit at the thrift store, brand new, not open. I had never seen one like this before, so I had no clue how to use it. Since we bought it, he kept bugging me to use it, so after a few days, I gave in and [...]

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