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Golf tees & play dough math

Golf tees & play dough math - option 1

This is an extension of a post I have done before called “Golf tees numbers & colors game“. The original is working great for Nico at the moment but he will be getting older and I figure I better do it now before I forget this idea, lol.

All I did [...]

Pretend play – play dough sausages

Pretend play dough sausage

Back in mid march, Nico wanted me to make sausages with the play dough. After I did, he ran to his kitchen and started “cooking” them. He played for a good 30 minutes. Just cooking, seasoning, turning the sausage to cook even and plating over and over again. He even added some of [...]

Golf tees with play dough numbers & colors game

Golf tees with play dough numbers & colors game

I made this quick game for Nico the other day to help him associate things representing numbers (5 balls means 5). He does recognize his number 1 -10 but doesn’t grasp that there is an order to them or that 5 balls represents the number 5.

The game was quick and [...]

Baked play dough heart pins, magnets & hair clip


Nico wanted to play with his Kool-Aid play dough,  he picked the left over pinkish glittery one. Valentines Day was approaching, so I thought I would give him a heart shape cookie cutter.

He went to town making hearts! I couldn’t roll the dough quickly enough, lol. I started putting them on [...]

Play dough hedgehogs (porcupines)

Play dough hedgehogs

All you need is homemade Kool-Aid play dough and toothpicks.

I used the glittery leftover from our baked play dough ornaments and shaped the hedgehog for Nico. He went to town with the toothpicks He even posed for me!

Variation: You could use [...]

Play dough eggs


So the other morning, I leave Nico with my mom (she lives downstairs) to drive hubby to work. It was cold and not worth dressing him all up for 20 minutes of total car ride.

I set him up with the orange Kool-Aid play dough we made the night before and [...]

Metallic play dough recipe – flop 1


At the Glittering Muffins we’re trying to find and give you alternatives to the store bought products out there, so when we heard that Play-Doh had come out with metallic play dough, we were listening and figured to see, if we could find a way to make an affordable and safe homemade version of it [...]

Baked play dough ornaments

Play dough ornaments - done

Since the plan was to have Nico do (or at least help us with) all ornaments for this year’s Christmas tree, we had looked at modeling clay to do some of them and it worked out ok, but we found that it was very sticky and when it came down to details (such [...]

Kool-Aid colored play dough


Nico is a big fan of play dough, but it would tend to dry out after a while and you’d be somewhat limited in what it would allow you to do, Valérie wanted to do some fun Christmas ornaments and she found a post on “The Magic Onions” that gave us a great [...]

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