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Pretend play – Emergency services (E.M.T./doctor)

Pretend play - E.M.T. / doctor

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Pretend Play – door salesperson

Pretend play - door salesperson

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Square water beads!

Water beads & cubes - hydrating

You’ve seen them on every blog out there and kids love them. I was about to order some online when Alex found some in the dollar store garden aisle with the new summer stuff at the end of April. They had beads, but also cubes! Which I thought was pretty cool, so we [...]

Pretend play – play dough sausages

Pretend play dough sausage

Back in mid march, Nico wanted me to make sausages with the play dough. After I did, he ran to his kitchen and started “cooking” them. He played for a good 30 minutes. Just cooking, seasoning, turning the sausage to cook even and plating over and over again. He even added some of [...]

The great pretender – why pretend play is so important

Children are known to pretend play many of life’s every day situations and I know that there are many people out there who think that it is stupid, because it, to them, does not amount to anything, since there are no rules involved in the play and whatnot. Needless to say that the [...]

Pretend play – baking

Pretend baking scooping

If you have been following “Glittering Muffins”, you will have noticed a thing or two about Nico, one of which is a certain affinity towards cooking and baking. Nah, who am I kidding, the kids loves to cook and bake, real and pretend and ever since he was really little he always came [...]

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