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Christmas in Québec

Christmas in Quebec

We are excited to be part of a great new blog hop named “Christmas in Different Lands”, hosted by Multicultural Kid Blogs

Quebec is the oldest province of Canada and one with many traditions, a lot of them different from the rest of Canada as well.

Kids on the Go – Cabane à Sucre Constantin, St-Eustache, Quebec, Canada

Kids on the Go!

One of Quebec’s biggest traditions is the Cabane à Sucre or sugar shack. Every year between mid-February and the end of April (depending on the weather)  Quebecers (and visitors) flock to the dining halls all over the province to enjoy traditional Quebecois foods.

One of [...]

Shepherd’s pie Quebec style (Pâté chinois)

Shepherd's Pie

Regular blog post [...]

Christmas Around the World – Quebec

Christmas Around the World - Quebec, our family photo

Our family photo from last year, we “hijacked” Santa’s place at the mall

Quebec is the largest province of Canada by area and second most populated. It also is the only fully Francophone province and with that has a lot of its own traditions that differ from the rest of the country. [...]

The World from A-Z – Quebec, Canada

The World from A-Z

Welcome to Quebec, the first stop of “Glittering Muffins”‘ brand new series “The World from A-Z”! This is a fun way to explore provinces, states and cities, giving adults and children alike interesting and fun information. And if you see the title of an entry in red, there is a [...]

Kids on the Go – Laval Children’s Museum, Laval, Quebec

Kids on the Go!

The Laval Children’s Museum in Laval, Quebec, is a two story building dedicated to children being able to explore different occupations in a playful way. The museum is located on the island of Laval, just north of the island of Montreal, close to one of the main highways crossing Laval, [...]

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