priligy and prozac interactions

Time with Papa – assembling of storage

Bringing the tubes

If you have a child, almost regardless of age, then will know that storage is key and that you can never have enough storage either. With Nico things became a little overwhelming with stuff being all over the place, so when we looked through the weekly flyers, we found a stand with different [...]

Time with papa – Swinging in snow

Swinging in snow - outside

So it is winter – what does that mean? Shorts, sun and less sweating than in summer? OK, then you might be in Texas, Florida or California, here in Quebec it stands for snow, cold, wind, snow, short days and have I mentioned snow? I have to admit that I wanted to return [...]

Investing into your child(ren)

If you would be expecting a post about how to make the most money for whatever you put into your child(ren), then you’re at the wrong spot, what I am trying to touch here is on a different level. I think most parents will agree that having a  child (to keep things consistent, I [...]

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