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Heart clothespins memo clips

Valentine's Day heart clothespins memo clips

(Jan. 21, 2014)  After Christmas was done we decided to keep one of the small trees out and decorate it according to the different holidays or seasons going on. Our first holiday after Christmas is Valentine’s Day! Our fourth and last craft for our tree was little heart clothespins clips, I wanted something simple [...]

Valentine’s Day round-up

Valentines day round upw

Happy Valentine’s Day! Since today is “the day” we figured to give you a roundup of what the Glittering Muffins have come up with to celebrate this day of love, so if you are looking for some last-minute decorations or ideas, they are all really easy and quick to do

Valentine’s Day brownie mini-cupcakes

Valentinte's Day brownie mini-cupcakes

(Jan. 18, 2013) Around 9am, Nico decided he wanted to bake something, so he ended up picking a box of brownie mix we had gotten at the Dollar Tree on one of our US shopping trips. I had what was needed on the box, so we went for it. I don’t have a [...]

Valentine’s Day cupcake toppers

Valentines Day cupcake toppers

Regular blog post [...]

Date night 2 in 1 (no babysitter needed)

Date night 2 in 1 - Family part

I was challenged by Mari at Inspired by Family Magazine to come up with a date night post for readers that are busy but still want time with the hubby and with Valentines Day coming and everyone needing more ideas (I’ll be reading the other blogs to get more ideas for the future [...]

Valentines keepsake frame


A bunch of blogging moms decided to have their kids exchange Valentines (see Valentines Day swap) and it turns out this was Nico’s firsts Valentines he got. So I wanted to make a keepsake for him of it all, so while talking about it with my mother, she suggested a frame which I [...]

Quick Lady Bug Café sign


This was our quick sign for our quickly improvised Lady Bug Café for Valentines Day dinner.

I didn’t have a big poster board and couldn’t go buy one as Nico was sleeping. So I took 4 pink cardstocks and taped them together. Then I penciled the letters for the name, free [...]

Valentines Day 2012


After having our Valentines Day dinner the night before at Wendy’s with our 2 can dine for 8.99 coupon with Nico and his little burber (burger)  meal, we were happy. We saved money, no big waiting time and no dinner tantrum, YAY!

So the next day it’s back to business, [...]

Sweet memories – Valentines Day 2011


Last year at the same date we hadn’t done any Valentines Day craft like this year, we hadn’t bought presents like this year, we hadn’t planned a homemade dinner like this year, nor had we gone out. Sounds negative and boring? It might, but it wasn’t, now it just reminds us of the [...]

Heart-Shaped Homemade Zipper Pulls (with coffee filters)

Heart-Shaped Homemade Zipper Pulls (with coffee filters)

As part of our Valentines Day snail mail swap, I wanted Nico to make something for the kids to use. He enjoys coloring on coffee filters, so I thought suncatcher… nah not “useful” enough. Ok what else could we do using those laminated coffee filters…well they do become waterproof. Kids like things hanging [...]

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