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24+2 Christmas & Winter Books (An Advent Calendar)

24 Christmas and winter books

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Advent calendars are fun and if you can avoid the typical chocolates, all the better, right? We came up with the idea of creating an advent calendar full of Christmas books of different kinds and what is even better – we are [...]

Peanuts snowman magnets

Peanut snowman magnets

Regular blog post [...]

Kids on the Go! – Crossroad Village & Huckleberry Railroad, Flint, MI

Kids on the Go!

 It’s a bit late to catch this wonderful holiday time activity, but I wanted to share how much fun we (PlayDrMom) had at Christmas at Crossroads this year.  Christmas at Crossroads is the holiday celebration at Crossroads Village and Huckleberry Railroad, part of the Genesee County Parks in Flint, Michigan.

Crossroads Village is “an authentic Great Lakes from the turn [...]

Winter Bucket List 2012/13

Winter Bucket list

Inspired by Play Dr. Mom’s summer bucket list, we’ve decided to continue its spirit and put together a winter bucket list, so we can see how many of the 50 things we’ll be able to cross off by the end of winter

First off Nico’s bucket items. Just like [...]

20 ways to have your toddler safely enjoy outdoor play in winter

Winter snow angel

Winter can be a wonderful season, with snow adding to the fun (obviously only if you live in a somewhat northern climate), and it is a great opportunity to spend time outside with your children. Here are some tips and inspirations to make the most out of it and at the same time to keep [...]

Craft sticks snowflake


I’ve seen this online done many different ways, this is our version

I use the sticks with a cut edge to make it more snowflaky but you can also use the regular ones or even smaller ones. I pre-glued the sticks the night before with tacky glue so they would [...]

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