Around the World in 24 Merry Christmas (advent activity)

(Nov 29, 2012) I was gluing Nico’s Christmas calendar in his monthly book he just got and noticed it had a theme, so I thought I could come up with a theme one too… Kids like to learn new things, they always dig new languages so why not how to say Merry Christmas in 24 languages! A new one per day for 24 days, like you would an advent calendar. We are providing you with 24 flags and the 24 respective ways to say it in the printable below. How do you use it? Simple! Get 24 big craft sticks paint them Christmas colors or…

…do like I did, have Nico do it with our home made glitter paint. You can paint both sides, we didn’t for time reasons. I love how he was so happy to stir with both hands and how focused he was painting. In the end it worked better with me holding a stick at a time. FYI all this has to be done in your pyjamas, of course! 

Print the pdf, cut it all up and glue it on any of the following ways:
1) Glue a flag at one end and the words at the other end on the same side of the stick. (good for a child who doesn’t read yet) (pictured version)
2) Glue a flag on one end and the words at the other end but on the opposite side of the stick. (good for a child who reads a little)
3) Glue a flag on one end and keep the words in a little pouch or box next to the sticks. Have the child pick a paper with the words and guess which flag it belongs too (good for an older child that reads and likes geography, unless you wanna help a lot too, then it works for little ones too)

Hope you have fun with this, we sure will trying to pronounce everything and finding it in our atlas.


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